Suspect package at Mosque attempt to “terrorise” Muslims

Emergency services at the Giles Lane Mosque

Police are at the Canterbury Mosque today after reports of a suspect package being found.

Officers were called to the Giles Lane building at 12.23pm and are trying to establish what is in the packet.

It is believed that itching powder and a letter of hate may have been contained in an envelope posted to the Mosque.

The ambulance and fire brigade are also there.

A message on Facebook from the Canterbury Muslim Community described the incident as attempt to “terrorise Muslims”.

It read: “Following a serious attempt to attack the masjid [Mosque] and in particular the Imam Ihsan Khan the masjid has been evacuated and closed for now with police cars and tapes on both ends of the route.

“No one is allowed to enter the masjid so please make it easy for the police and let them do their job.

“This failed attempt to terrorise the Muslim Community will not prevent Muslims from practising Islam freely in Canterbury.

“Insha’Allah the perpetrator will be caught by the police and punished according to the law.”

No injuries have been reported.


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