Stepping up the war on litter

Litter in the St Martin's area of Canterbury

City council enforcement officers have handed out nearly 600 tickets for littering, flyposting and graffiti in the last three months.

In what amounts to an intensification in the war on litter and comes as the authority launches its Love Where We Live campaign today (Wednesday).

It aims to encourage people not to litter, leave dog’s mess or fly-tip and warns them of the penalties for doing so.

Cllr Neil Baker, the chairman of Canterbury City Council’s community committee, said: “We want to prick the conscience of the mindless litterbug, the lazy dog owner, the vandal armed with a marker pen or the greedy flytipper out to make a quick buck who refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions.

“The Love Where We Live campaign is also the perfect place to thank all of those volunteers who give up their valuable time to pick up the litter left by others. Actions speak louder than words and they demonstrate that they love where they live week in and week out.

“The vast majority of us recognise that we live and work in a beautiful part of the country and we want it to stay that way.”

In the last year the council has hired 11 enforcement officers, installed CCTV cameras at fly-tipping hotspots, prosecuted a dog breeder for leaving dead puppies on a road, written to landlords of shared houses to remind them of their responsibilities and worked with the universities on a recycling scheme for students.

Over the next year the council says it will continue to prosecute those who create mess and is encouraging people to make provide information about environmental offences.

Douglass Rattray, the authority’s head of safer neighbourhoods, said: “We are doing all we can to catch the culprits that seem determined to spoil the area.

“Every report is taken seriously. They help us to build up a picture of the offences committed and target our resources.”


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