Sometimes we just have to salute the people of this great city

Volunteers working at Whitehall Bridge

The image above shows volunteers from the St Dunstan’s Residents’ Association painting over graffiti on a bridge.

More than a dozen turned out last month for this community action at Whitehall Bridge Road near the Westgate Gardens.

Elsewhere people come together for organised litter picks – at Wincheap, Vauxhall, St Stephen’s, Kingsmead and many other places.

These are simple acts of love for the city we call home. People don’t do such things because they have to. They do them because they want to.

It’s all too easy to overlook the good and focus on the bad.

After all, many of us were absolutely horrified by the despicable powder attack on the Canterbury Mosque at Giles Lane during the week.

But the consequence was not one of division, but of unity as dozens said they would stand in solidarity with worshippers at the Mosque.

They did so because they care about their fellow citizens of Canterbury.

One only has to scan the posts of the Canterbury Residents Group where time and again people do whatever they can to help complete strangers.

People look after animals in need, the pets of their neighbours, or give each other furniture they do not need or just provide comfort for those going through tough times.

Yes, Canterbury is beautiful parks and quaint historic buildings which stand around one of the greatest structures in the world. Yes, it’s full of restaurants and cafes and pubs and quirky shops.

But the real pulsating heart of Canterbury is its people: how they think, act and feel about where they live and whom they live amongst.

So thank you, Canterbury. Now get out in the long Bank Holiday weekend weather and enjoy yourself…


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