Serco suspends bin collections in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay due to the weather

Snowy Canterbury at the start of March

Canterbury City Council’s waste contractor Serco has ordered its bin crews to stop work due to heavy snowfalls across the district.

Crews have been ordered back to the depot after reports of dangerous conditions on some streets.

They will return to collections when it is safe enough.

Cllr Neil Baker: “Near misses”

The council’s communities chairman Cllr Neil Baker said there had been a number of “near misses” involving bin trucks on icy and snowy streets.

He said Serco would continue to monitor the situation.

Rob Davies, the city council’s spokesman, said: “We’ve suspended collections for now and the crews have returned to the depot.

“If conditions improve, they will go back out – we’re monitoring the situation.

“Near misses refers to skidding on the snow and ice and the potential to collide with, predominantly, parked cars in side streets.

“Residents should leave their bins out and Serco will be back out when it’s safe to do so.”

Herne Bay is the part of the district most affected by the suspension.

Mr Davies added: “While main roads are clearing up, the bulk of ​today’s ​refuse​ and ​recycling work is in estates and lanes that have seen little traffic and remain quite dangerous.

“A judgment has been made that there is an unacceptable level of risk compared to how likely we are to complete the service.

“Serco will now work the week one day behind and  put resources in place  to work on Saturday.

“This may be subject to change depending on the weather for the rest of the week and we will keep people posted.”


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