“Selfish and lazy” people behind mess in the city, fumes council

Rubbish in the St George's Underpass

The city council has denounced the “selfish and lazy” people dropping litter on Canterbury’s streets.

Its angry condemnation follows the Canterbury Journal’s video showing rubbish strewn the length of the heavily trafficked St George’s Underpass.

Most of the rubbish is wrapping from the McDonald’s restaurant in St George’s Street.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “We condemn the selfish and lazy individuals who are dropping this litter despite the many bins that are provided across the city.

“Much hard work and money goes into keeping the area tidy and no doubt the subway would not have looked like that for long before a Serco street cleaner came along and tackled it.

“It would, though, be nice to see greater criticism of the idiots who cause this mess rather than of the council for not picking it up within a few minutes of it happening.”

The city council is currently running its “Love Where We Live” campaign which aims to encourage people to respect their environment and avoid littering.



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