Safety warning after resident fails to put out raging bonfire

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service were called out (stock image)

Firefighters have issued a safety warning after a bonfire spread to fencing and a hedge next to it.

Crews were called to Sturry Road, Canterbury, at 5.30pm last night after a resident failed to stop flames becoming out of control.

They deployed a hose reel jet to extinguish the fire and used a thermal imaging camera to check for any hotspots.

Leanne McMahon, group manager for community safety at Kent Fire and Rescue Service, said: “With any sort of controlled burning, whether it’s a bonfire or a barbecue, it’s important to make sure the surrounding area is clear.

“Make sure the fire is a distance from buildings, fences, foliage or anything else which could catch fire from the radiated heat.

“It is a natural instinct to want to try and put a fire out yourself, but fire can be very unpredictable and difficult to control or put out safely.

“It is easy to get injured, and people often don’t realise just how overpowering and damaging toxic fire smoke is. Anyone alerted to a fire in within their home or garden is advised to get out as quickly as possible, to stay out and to call 999.”


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