Rubbish on A2 between Canterbury and Dover is a “national disgrace”

Action demanded to deal with rubbish along the A2

A petition has been launched urging immediate action to clear rubbish from the A2 between Dover and Canterbury.

Anti-litter campaigners and residents have complained repeatedly about the mess strewn along the road, the principle route for visitors coming to Britain from Europe.

The petition has been posted on 38 Degrees, a campaigning website.

“The problem has been escalating year on year and is now totally unacceptable potentially endangering the health of the public with bottles of urine being thrown from vehicles on to the roadside.

“The valiant efforts of volunteers are now at their limit and the situation overwhelming and fraught with danger trying to stem the tide of defecation being heaped on to our beautiful countryside.”

Lorry drivers are blamed for much of the mess along the route.

Campaigners have cleared rubbish from lay-bys in Bishopsbourne. And they have asked the authorities to close them because of mess left by drivers.

Canterbury City Council this week started a major clear-up of undergrowth at Faulkners Lane in Harbledown.

Piled with rubbish including urine-filled plastic bottles, the area is next to a lay-by off the A2.

The 38 degrees petition goes on: “Canterbury City Council, Kent County Council, Highways England and various other authorities have all been made aware of this appalling situation by outraged residents.

“Despite the constant stream of concern and level of complaint raised, it appears nothing is being done to properly address the situation and find a solution and a deterrent to it.

“This has got to stop and this petition calls upon all those in authority to act accordingly to bring an end to this intolerable blight on our lives.”

You can sign the petition here.


  1. Fact Serco normally only emptys the bins the rest of the rubbish is left there to rot on the ground and in the hedges.then you see serco workers with there feet up on the dash of the vehicle sleeping ??? Making out they’ve been litter picking whilst the weather (wind) blows the rubbish into nearby fields,heavy stuff gets left behind like p bottle and sh*t bags and thrown into fields,summer time hedges and grass grows and covers most of rubbish so a lot of it is not seen only by the local residents,this as got to stop as the rats are getting bigger the lorry drivers are very aggressive when you approach them about throwing rubbish out of the lorry window infact I now someone a few years ago confronted a driver and was assaulted by two men

    • I’m a resident at ropersole park I totally agree this a got to stop cause I live near a lay-by and I have to drive past the rubbish left in there every day,the lorry drivers leave beers and spirits bottle behind so they must be unfit to drive the next day along with the urin bottles and poo bags often throw in the hedge I’ve signed the petition


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