Rubbish: it’s not just Serco


Serco tend to get all the flak over rubbish. And if they don’t then the Council get it.

And as a rule so they jolly well should. Missed bins and dirty streets made even dirtier when their own bin men make it worse on collection day. Don’t even get me going on the the Conservatives voting to give them even more money and then stopping green bin collections for a couple of months.

So the Council and Serco aren’t saints. Heaven knows I’ve criticised them often enough.

But then we’re not all saints either. Yes. Us. The general public.

I recently saw Serco empty the bin pictured above and put the litter into a sack ready for collection by their truck.

Within a very short time some lunatic member of the public (I’m sure it wasn’t you, dear reader) decided to scatter the contents all over the path. No, this wasn’t the usual suspects – seagulls, rats or foxes. This was a member (or members) of the human race.

On this occasion Serco were doing their job. Indeed a couple of hours after the picture was taken they had cleared up the mess and removed it. Good for them. I never thought I’d be praising Serco but credit where credit’s due.

But what does disgust me is that some members of the public actually seem to take pleasure in creating a horrible mess like this in the first place.

It’s we humans who create the rubbish. Surely we, all of us, have the responsibility to stop chucking it all over the place.

And by all over the place I mean just that. Whether it’s plastic into the oceans or litter onto our footpaths, please can we all grow up a bit and learn to behave.


  1. Absolutely agree with what Nick Eden-Green says. However there is much more to be done and there are many parts of the city that are completely untouched by litter collections or street cleaning. We need a much better contract , not for the council to pay additional money for a poor service.
    I’m afraid it’s very hard to educate those people who either don’t t care or deliberately make Canterbury look awful. So given the reality we need a much more robust approach to dealing with bins , litter, graffiti etc. I reported graffiti in the Ridingate underpass in the new graffiti reporting forms, much praised by the council. This graffiti has actually been there fir ages. It’s over a week ago now and so far nothing has been done. How long does it take to act??
    So although I blame those that create the problem I also hold the inaction of the council responsible.


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