Rosie Duffield: The gender pay gap, social media trolls and mansplaining

Rosie Duffield was elected Canterbury and Whitstable MP in June

Labour’s Rosie Duffield is approaching her first year anniversary as the MP for Canterbury and Whitstable.

A champion of a Parliament which accurately reflects a balance between genders, Ms Duffield has told the 50:50 campaign that women need the confidence to be able to succeed in politics.

“I was inspired to run as an MP as I felt that I couldn’t just sit back and watch the political decisions and issues that directly affected me and people like me without getting involved,” the 46-year-old said.

“There are so many things I hope to achieve during my time in Parliament. I’d particularly like to focus on women’s issues – particularly health, gender pay gap and shared parental leave that are currently issues Parliament is debating.”

Ms Duffield, a mother-of-two, was elected on June 8, unseating Conservative Sir Julian Brazier, who had been the MP since 1987.

Sir Julian Brazier, the former Canterbury MP

She complained about nastiness towards her on social media during the campaign.

She said: “Running for elections can be a bit of a steep learning curve and it’s learning on the job and in front of everyone.

“For example, hustings events, interviews, media and of course sometimes unpleasant social media.

“Being a woman in politics means I can stand up for ordinary women like me and act on the issues that most affect most ordinary women.

“After years of campaigning and wishing there was more of a presence for single parents, now there are more of us here.

“My least favourite thing, however, must be certain types of trolls on social media and the endless mansplaining at almost every single event I attend.

“One day I will write a book explaining mansplaining back to men.”

Last week, Ms Duffield’s chief of staff Charlotte Cornell was chosen to stand for Labour in the Dover and Deal seat at the next general election.


  1. I found it really sad that as someone who has just started working in one of Britain’s top political positions complains about things as trivial as mansplaining and social trolls. If you cannot handle people getting out of their way to explain to you a thing or two, or random losers posting tweets online you are not fit to be a MP and it just shows how much of a self-centred individual she is. She should be more concerned about her constituents than this kind of complete rubbish. People in the real world go through much harder things than mansplaining and social trolls!


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