Right, after seeing that sign we need a kooky Canterbury contest

Albert needs a poo, apparently - a sign in Lime Kiln Road, Wincheap

Like most people who have been around a bit, I’ve seen some weird things in my life.

And to be honest I’ve seen some pretty weird things in Canterbury over the last few days.

Big Si Crossley, the Canterbury rugby player and former King’s School pupil, for example, has come across a sign reading: “Albert needs a poo.”

It’s right at the far end of Lime Kiln Road in Wincheap.

Then I was in the Seven Stars in Orange Street the other day chewing over the fat with manager Jonjo Murphy when I noticed that a woman sitting at the bar had an image drawn in biro on her leg.

Leg-spreader with your Daily Telegraph, Sir?

It was of an, ahem, male member protruding from her shorts on the inside of her thigh.

What else? Oh, yeah, this morning I was breakfasting with a former News of the World journalist in Westgate ‘Spoons when a bloke in a large fur hat and heavy black clothing sauntered past.

You probably don’t need to have been outside to know that’s it’s warm today, very warm.

In the Cherry Tree, meanwhile, I noticed there was a copy of Her Majesty’s Daily Telegraph for punters to read. It was resting below a sign advertising the pub’s shots. “Copy of The Daily Telegraph with your seventh Leg-Spreader, Sir Reginald?” I joked to my friends.

Like any busy city big or small we’ve always had our fair share of oddballs and odd things. I still remember that bloke who used to take his ferret for a walk around the city on a leash.

So come on, let’s celebrate kooky Canterbury – and have a laugh at the same time.

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