Resident’s bollard erection fury

Alison Spendley with one of the bollards which have been erected in the Tannery

A mum-0f-three who suffers from a range of health problems is furious that she and other tenants in a Canterbury housing development are being prevented from parking near their homes.

Alison Spendley lives in the Old Tannery and has been using spaces outside her home where metal yellow bollards have suddenly started appearing.

The 49-year-old admits that she does not receive a space with the property she rents in Creine Mill Lane North, but has been desperately trying to obtain a permit for her people carrier – but so far without success.

But now developer Bellway, which is carrying out fire mitigation works in properties across the development, has installed the bollards at various spaces throughout the Tannery.

It says it needs to do this to stop people using spaces allocated to other flats.

Remedial work has started at the Old Tannery

But Ms Spendley said: “That’s really not fair. I’m certain that some of the spaces are allocated to flats which have no one in them at the moment.

“I’m willing to pay for the permit necessary to get a space near to my home. I can’t walk far due to my health and also need to be able to pick up my daughters from work or if they’re out late.

“I feel I am being treated very badly and there are others who are in the same boat. We are told we can’t have a space because we do not own our properties.”

Bellway is carrying out works on the insides of the flats following the fire of 2015 which destroyed the block overlooking the ring road close to the St Peter’s Roundabout.

It says it has been forced to act to deal with parking issues at the site.

A spokesman for the developer told the Canterbury Journal: “Since work has started at the Old Tannery, it has become apparent that some residents have been using parking bays that were not allocated to them as part of their tenancy.

“A number of parking bays have been allocated for use by residents who’s regular designated parking bay has been temporarily taken out of use to facilitate the works – for example scaffolded areas and so on.

“This will be ongoing throughout the programme of works. Locking bollards have been put in place to protect these particular spaces for allocated residents.

“Unfortunately there are no additional spaces to rent as all other bays are allocated to individual properties.”


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