Remember the city pub which had a Pot Noodle machine?

The Leopard's Head in Military Road used to have a Pot Noodle machine

Fact: Pot Noodles were one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century.

Fact: Containing the finest ingredients known to man, Pot Noodles are nutritious and immensely tasty.

Fact: A famous Canterbury boozer used to have a Pot Noodle machine.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There’s absolutely no question of the veracity of the first of those two statements at the top.

But the third? You sure, Mr Spy?

Historian Rory Kehoe’s image of the Leopard’s Head

Well, yes, I am.

Doug Smith, who lives in Dover Street and is regular at the Old City Bar, reminded me that the Leopard’s Head in Military Road had one such contraption.

Drinkers sinking their lager tops and spritzers could, if they felt a bit peckish, get a Pot Noodle container and then use a tap on the machine to fill it with hot water.

Back then Doug, 78, used to to run the fish and chip shop which is now Ossie’s in The Borough – and which is today frequented by no less than the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Doug said: “The Leopard’s was a funny, scruffy old place back then. It was quite popular with students so I don’t know if that was behind the Pot Noodle machine.”

The Leopard’s is of course no more and has been replaced with the city’s only Domino’s Pizza outlet.

Doug added: “I did eat a Pot Noodle once, but it wasn’t from the Leopard’s Head.”

The Pot Noodle in a pub was nothing short of a culinary revolution which no doubt inspired the modern gastropub fad. I think.


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