Rage over school’s annual “muck up” day

The Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School

A parent has accused year 13 pupils of “trashing” a Canterbury grammar school as they celebrated finishing their studies.

Pupils at the Simon Langton Girls held their annual “muck up” day on Friday ahead of entering their final exams.

Known officially as “the last day”, the Langton allows them to make a mess and play pranks before the start of the school day.

But mum Kerry Maloney complained that celebrations had gone over the top. She said: “Well done to some of the year 13s for their farewell gifts.

“Trashing the school, covering everything in grease and glue, not to mention cling film on all the toilets, was so smart.”

She added that other pupils had been sprayed with silly string and washing up liquid while the whole occasion had been accompanied by “shouting and screaming”.

Many pupils, however, see the day as a piece of harmless fun which allows them to let them hair down ahead of the exam season.

Some have even described it as the most important day of the school year.

And parent Becca Newlyn was quick to defend pupils against charges they had misbehaved.

She said: “The staff are on board with it and many of the frivolities had to be over by 8.30am. There was very little silly string and washing up liquid involved and was only aimed at other 6th formers.

“The staff went round cleaning grease off door handles and so on, as agreed, and the year 13s were off the premises by 9.05am according to my daughter. This was so that they did not disturb any exams.

“This was all quite mild, you’d be surprised by some of the things they’ve done in the past. But the school acknowledges how ridiculously hard the pupils work during their A-Levels and have always allowed them this one day to let off steam.”


  1. My daughter is in the sixth form . And witnessed all of this. It was rather mild in truth. And if anything probably relieved the tension in the school before any exams. Kids need to let off steam they’ve been through a lot of stress. And as had been pointed out was over by 9.10 it was dealt with responsibly and sounded like all the kids had fun. Which is a good life lesson too. Unfortunately some people want their children to be robots who are scared of authority. Fortunately they are in the minority. Let’s hope this tradition doesn’t stop. And the spoilers of fun don’t win. This world is too serious as it is.


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