Poundland’s new toilet product may raise some eyebrows

Poundland in St George's Street

Canterbury’s Poundland store is due to begin selling portable female urinals.

They are being marketed as the ideal convenience for women attending outdoor musical festivals.

Keeping hydrated in the summer heat or enjoying a tipple with friends means, visits to the toilet are a constant necessity at popular events.

Instead of having to stand in a lengthy queue at a portaloo, the female urinal means those in need can simply slip away somewhere secluded to do their business.

And this being Poundland, the urinal costs just a pound – far less than other similar products on the market which can retail for £6 or £7.

The female urinal being sold by Poundland

Poundland, whose Canterbury store is in St George’s Street, says: “This easy to use tool allows women to go anytime, anywhere and means no more dirty toilets.

“Made from soft flexible silicone it’s discreet, spill proof and reusable.”

The female urinal can be comfortably packed into a bag and carried easily around.

Meanwhile, Waitrose in Canterbury has also introduced its own line for summer festival goers.

As of today (Monday) it is rolling out wine in cans across its stores including the Canterbury store in St George’s Place.


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