Potholes reappear on the A2 just weeks after repair work

Potholes on the London-bound A2 between Brenley Corner and Boughton

Potholes have started reappearing on the A2 between Canterbury and Faversham – just weeks after major resurfacing work was carried.

Snow and icy weather left the road with what was described as a moon-like surface for long stretches.

It prompted Highways England to carry out emergency works on the road in mid-March.

But drivers began to see potholes opening up again earlier this month.

Craters have appeared on the London-bound carriageway between Boughton and Brenley Corner.

The A2 looking towards Brenley Corner

The Brenley Corner roundabout itself is also severely pitted where it is met by the slip-road off the A299 Thanet Way and where drivers turn to head towards Canterbury and Dover on the A2

Roofer Aaren Wilkinson, 29, from Canterbury, said: “Some of the potholes near Boughton look like they might have been there a while so you have to ask why they weren’t fixed when during the repairs in March.

“If they were fixed then, they have been open for a while. But some of the holes are most definitely fresh.

“They have opened up in what is obviously brand new tarmac.”

Driver and Canterbury Journal columnist Dave Wilson has argued that the reason potholes reappear after work is because it is done too quickly and at too low a cost.

He said: “The real issue here is why our roads have been allowed to get into this condition in the first place.

“Those who drive abroad will know that roads in most other western European countries are nothing like as bad as ours, and most are greatly superior.

“We have, as you may have noticed, a government that believes in financial austerity. That involves nothing more complicated that not spending money on public services.

“It allows them to claim that they are balancing the books, while our collective infrastructure crumbles in front of our eyes.”

Highways England has been approached for a comment.


  1. Other European countries have claimed millions in subsidies to repair their roads to a good standard unlike the British government that has just closed its eyes to the problem. Now we are too late to get any of our European money back to do the same.


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