Potholed roads? Yes. But have you seen the state of the city’s car parks?

The damaged and uneven surface of Rosemary Lane

We’re well used at this time of year to seeing the deep gouges on Canterbury’s roads and even on major routes such as the A2.

But as the city council introduces a hike in car parking charges, it is clear to anyone using the car parks that they are in need of urgent repair.

They are typified by cracked and crumbling surfaces, craters which collect stagnant pools of water and loose tarmac.

Rosemary Lane, used mainly by workers commuting into the city by car, is among the worst with its pits, gouges and uneven surface.

But there are also issues with St Radigund’s and Watling Street, both of which are popular with people visiting or shopping in Canterbury.

St Radigund’s car park is also in rough shape

The city council says it is aware of the problem and is promising to act.

Spokesman Rob Davies said: “​We carry out​ monthly inspections ​of car parks but potholes can appear quickly​,​ especially in areas of high traffic volumes​,​ so should​ we find​ a dangerous hole or have one reported to us, we fill​ it​ ​as soon as possible with a patch. ​

“Once we have a number of patches in a particular area, we send a crew to repair the surface fully.

“We have some outstanding work from February’s inspection, ironically due to the bad weather, and this is scheduled for action in the near future.

“As part of our project to expand the ANPR camera and barrier system to more car parks, the surface in each site will be assessed for replacement.”

Plans are afoot to reduce the number of car parking spaces in the city centre. Rosemary Lane may be redeveloped for housing.

The loss of spaces will be made up by the 380-space £9 million multi-storey car park in Station Road West, which faces opposition from residents concerned about its impact.


  1. Well after what I witnessed last week then it’s no suprise. They were filling in the holes in Watling Street car park and I kid you not instead of using the whacker to compress the tarmac down they were stamping on it. You couldn’t make it up.


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