Popular city centre store undergoing refit

WHSmith in St George's Street is changing

The WH Smith shop in Canterbury’s St George’s Street is undergoing a major refit this week.

Shopfitters have been reconfiguring the store’s lay-out with a major change being a move for the cash tills from the left as you enter to further back on the right.

Popular lines such as stationery and arts and crafts products have been moved from the first floor to the ground floor.

Most of the books, meanwhile, have moved in the other direction. There is also a totally revamped magazine and newspaper section.

A brightly lit technology section is the major new addition to the store.

The Post Office remains in the same position at the back on the first floor.

Work may be a response to the company finding itself labelled one of the worst High Street stores nationally last month.

Consumer watchdog Which? found that customers were unimpressed by store and customer service standards. It had asked 10,000 customers to rate their experience.

An anonymous reviewer of the company’s outlets said: “The problem with WH Smith is that in order to flourish financially, it has entered a downward spiral of cutting costs on the High Street to counteract falling sales, which becomes a vicious circle.

“It has slashed staff numbers, which leads to poor standards and service.”

A WH Smith spokesman said: “We serve 12 million customers each week and despite a challenging retail environment we continue to open new shops, and to maintain our presence on the UK High Street.

“There’s still a lot of affection for the brand – it just needs to live up to it.”



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