Poignant tv documentary will examine infamous city double murder

Killer Foster Christian

A television documentary to be screened this summer will examine one of the most infamous crimes ever committed in Canterbury.

It will look at the murders of Natasha Sadler-Ellis and Simon Gorecki at a house in Dickens Avenue on the night of March 29, 2016.

The friends died at the hands of Foster Christian who stabbed them repeatedly with a knife and injured Ms Sadler-Ellis’s sons Connaugh and Brandon.

Mechanic Christian, who was 54 at the time, then called 999 to report the incident claiming he had acted in self-defence.

The show called 999 – Killer on the Line will focus on the call Christian made.

Natasha Sadler-Ellis died from horrific injuries

It also includes an interview with Brandon, who was just 16 at time of the frenzied attack.

He nearly died as a result of being stabbed in the stomach by Christian.

Connaugh, who was 20 at the time, suffered injuries to his arm and hand.

But the injuries suffered by their mother and Mr Gorecki proved life-ending.

Mother-of-three Ms Sadler-Ellis suffered a stab wound to the heart and one which went through her skull. She was found dead at the bottom of the stairs.

Mr Gorecki, who used to work as a fishmonger in The Goods Shed, was stabbed repeatedly in the back and died in the kitchen.

The incident started when Christian, who lived in the same house as Mr Gorecki, got involved in an argument about hot water for a shower.

He would later claim that they had attacked him with beer cans and bottles, forcing him to arm himself with the knife.

In the phone call, Christian told a 999 operator: “I just started laying into them and they was still doing it. They was just beating me and beating me and beating me.”

Simon Gorecki worked at the Goods Shed

Amid chaotic scenes on the housing estate, Christian was arrested immediately.

He denied two counts of murder, but was convicted at trial at Maidstone Crown Court in October 2016.

Christian was also convicted of wounding with intent and unlawfully wounding Ms Sadler-Ellis’s sons and received a total of 30 years in prison.

The trial judge Mr Justice Stuart-Smith told him: “I don’t know if you have ever stopped pitying yourself or deludedly thinking you can justify what you did for long enough to consider the impact your knife attack has had.

“Not just on the people you killed and wounded, but on those affected by the loss of life you caused.

“You have blown apart the life of Ms Sadler-Ellis’ mother. It is an outrage when a child dies before her parents, and the manner in which Mrs Ellis lost her daughter is particularly outrageous.

“Her three children have lost their mother. Her five year old cries for his mum every night.

“You have put the family through hell on earth, and it continues. For Mr Gorecki’s mother, the world is now a dangerous and frightening place. She cannot sleep and has continuous nightmares. His three children are traumatised.”

After his conviction, Christian swore at and gestured towards members of the victims’ families who had attended the hearings.

999 – Killer on the Line will air on the Crime and Investigation channel, Sky 156, at 9pm on Monday, July 30.


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