Planners poised to approve 400 new homes on edge of city

Small scale developments are restricted by bad rules, argues Bob Britnell

A 400-unit housing estate is poised to win planning permission when it comes before the city council next week.

The development on land next to Cockering Farm in Thanington also includes nearly 40,000 sq ft of commercial space plus new roads and at least 18 hectares of open space.

Local developer Quinn Estates is behind the plan, which will help meet the the growing need for housing in the district.

The site sits next to a development being built by Pentland Homes which has planing permission for 750 dwellings, up to 40,000 sq ft of business space, a new primary school, new nursing home, hospice, community uses and sports pitch.

Preparatory site works already underway on the Pentland site and if the Quinn proposal is approved, they will create a massive new housing and business area to the west of Canterbury.

The Quinn plans go before the council’s planning committee next week.

However, the proposal is being met with opposition from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England. It said: “This application presents a serious threat to public health.

“We note that traffic jams already form during peak hours for nearly one mile along the A28 in the Canterbury direction.

“This road is developed with very many houses along and behind it, all of whose residents will already be endangered by diesel and petrol fumes.”

The CPRE added that the development would worsen the strain on public services such schools, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

Planning officers are recommending councillors approve the scheme subject to certain conditions being met.

A report before councillors states: “The application site is allocated in the Local Plan for development and the submitted application accords with the scale and mix of land uses required.

“The principle of the development is therefore considered to be acceptable and will make a significant contribution to meeting the district’s housing targets.

“It will deliver 30% affordable housing in a mix of tenures which accord with both the Local Plan and Housing Strategy requirements.”

The planning committee meets in the Guildhall at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 21.


  1. Interestingly, the planning officers’ recommendation to the Planning Committee to approve this large development was suddenly withdrawn from the agenda of the Committee meeting, with little warning and no reason given. Does anyone know what caused this withdrawal?


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