Planners asked to approve fourth Wincheap slip road off A2


Planners are set to approve a fourth Wincheap slip road off the A2 next week.

The road would take coastbound drivers on to the A28 close to Morrisons and would complete the intersection with the A2 in all directions.

Developer Pentland Homes, which is building 750 houses at Thanington, is paying for the £8.8 million project.

Officers are recommending that Canterbury City Council’s planning committee approve the scheme subject to certain conditions being met.

The council has received seven letters in support of the new road. They say it would reduce traffic entering Canterbury through Blean and Harbledown and allow access to shops without needing to go through the city.

Another pointed out that there had been support for the road since 2003 and that it “was the most supported piece of infrastructure within the [council’s] draft Transport Strategy”.

Harbledown and Rough Common Parish Council met in February and agreed unanimously to support the application.

But the Wincheap Society has raised a number of concerns including that the length of the slip road is too short. It also fears that lorries may start parking on it.

Thanington Without Parish Council added that it did not think traffic surveys for the area represented an accurate picture of vehicle movements.

A report before planners states: “The new coast bound A2 slip is identified within the Local Plan as a key piece of transport infrastructure that will both support growth and encourage more sustainable patterns of travel into and within the city.

“It represents part of the city council’s strategy to improve air quality in the Wincheap part of the Air Quality Management Area and beyond.”

Canterbury City Council’s planning committee meets in the Guildhall at 6.30pm on Tuesday, May 1. The meeting is open to the public.


  1. This is obscene.

    They should have built a proper junction in the first place, not build half a junction then complete it in two stages. Disgusting waste of public money, and poor strategic planning.

    Plus, of course, each stage has promised to relieve Wincheap’s traffic issues, and failed to do so. This will be no different.


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