Pensioner’s fury over vandal’s “insensitive” alteration to road sign

The sign at the entrance to Tyler Hill

A vandal has altered a road sign so that instead of encouraging people to drive slowly through Tyler Hill it encourages them to die slowly.

Two letters have been removed from the sign which greets drivers at Wood Hill just past the junction with Calais Hill.

Instead of encouraging them to drive slowly, it encourages them to “die slowly”.

The vandalism has enraged villager Gerald Wansell, 68.

The retired City of London broker said: “There are a lot of elderly and retired people living in Tyler Hill and the last thing they want to see is such a callous and insensitive message.

“We might be getting on, but many of us still lead active lives and enjoy getting out. Whoever did this obviously thought they were being very clever.

“Actually, they were being very stupid. The sign is meant as a warning to drivers to be careful when passing through Tyler Hill.

“Much of it is a long straight road through the village and that can lead to people driving recklessly.

“The authorities should get the sign sorted to how it is supposed to be.”


  1. I’ve lived in Tyler Hill for 10 years and it’s always been like that. Maybe he’s just moved into the village and never noticed it before. He’s obviously not got a sense of humour.


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