Penpushers kill community garden idea

Diane Hunt with her garden, a work in progress

Killjoy penpushers are warning a woman trying to create a community garden on a housing estate that it is “not acceptable”.

Diane Hunt has started laying down earth and growing plants in pots outside her modest flat at Long Meadow Way on the Hales Place Estate.

But she has fallen foul of bureaucrats who have ordered her stop as the small garden rests on council land.

The 57-year-old has received a letter from East Kent Housing, which runs housing services for councils including Canterbury.

It said: “The area you have chosen to do this is not acceptable.

Diane Hunt says people on the Hales Place support her efforts

“Permission was not sought from East Kent Housing or Canterbury City Council prior to the work starting and would not have been granted in any event.

“Having spoken to other residents, they have stated that they do want the garden in front of their windows.”

But Diane, an active environmentalist, insists her neighbours back her efforts. She says the plants would only be 4ft high and would sit at the bottom of a bank.

Diane told the Canterbury Journal: “A lot of the kids here are very bored and frustrated and this would be something for them to engage with.

“I was very disappointed when I received the warning letter, which comes at a time when the council is running its Love Where We Live campaign.

“Yet what is there to love about where we live with its plain turf and brick walls, as well as the lines of dying grass when spraying is done?

“We are providing a garden which will uplift the area and people’s spirits, encourage social interaction, and provide for nature and humans. Why is this a crime?”

Diane wants to plant things like strawberries, various herbs, chives and even potatoes. She is in the very early stages of creating her garden.

East Kent Housing has warned her that if she persists, the council will remove the plants and their rock boundary and charge her for the work.


  1. Thanks Alex! Although this is not only me but The GREEN Team Canterbury (on FB, where everyone is welcome). That’s a wonderful discussion happening in Canterbury Residents Group on FB and it will be even better now you’ve shared our story. All the very best Diane Hunt, co-founder The GREEN Team Canterbury


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