Parking on pavement or kerb could soon earn you a fine

Drivers flagrantly park on pavements close to St Stephen's Primary Schhol

Canterbury City Council is showing an interest in government plans to introduce blanket fines for drivers who park on pavements or over kerbs.

The Department for Transport (Dft) is considering an overhaul of traffic laws to stop vehicles blocking paths and causing difficulties for wheelchair users, people with pushchairs and blind pedestrians.

Offenders could end up with fines of up to £50 or £70.

Sections or Canterbury are plagued with people parking on pavements.

The problem is particularly bad around primary schools such as Wincheap and St Stephen’s.

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “Inconsiderate parking on pavements that blocks their use by others can be a problem, but we also understand that people want to park near their homes.

“Currently, we deal with pavement parking ban requests on a case-by-case basis through our annual parking review, and when the next batch comes into force later this month, we will have 114 roads in the district covered.

“We would be interested to see any proposed laws to deal with this effectively, and will follow developments closely and respond to any consultation released by the Department for Transport.”

Such a move would bring the rest of England into line with London, which has had an all-out ban on pavement parking for more than four decades.

Local authorities outside the capital have called for reform, arguing it is “nonsense” they are treated differently.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, the motoring charity, said: “Motorists thinking that they’re doing their fellow road users a favour by parking up on the pavement should also have an eye to the people whose paths they might be blocking.

“This particularly affects in built-up areas where thoughtless parking can mean wheelchair users and parents with prams or buggies have to contend with motor traffic.”


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