Pakistani cricketers forsake fine dining for city centre kebab shop

Staff at Munchies in St Peter's Street looked after the Pakistan Test squad

The Pakistan cricket team in Canterbury to play Kent ahead of their Test series against England were not without choice about where to eat in our city centre.

They could have stayed in the fine dining restaurant at the Abode where they were lodging. Or they could have eaten in the Ambrette or Cafe des Amis, which has just celebrated its 30th birthday.

Instead, they went for the popular Munchies takeaway in St Peter’s Street.

My man on the inside tells me they loved the eatery’s chicken shish and filled Munchies’ plastic chairs for most of the evenings they stayed in Canterbury.

The players also enjoyed a warm-up in the Westgate Gardens ahead of their tour opener against Kent at Canterbury’s St Lawrence Ground.


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