Opponents believe they can still thwart multi-storey scheme

Artists impression of Station Road West car park
An artist's impression of how Station Road West will look after the work is complete

Almost 2,000 people have put their name to a petition against the controversial multi-storey car park next to Canterbry West railway station.

Preparatory work which has forced the closure of Station Road West has already started ahead of its construction.

Critics, however, fear that the 370-space car park will attract vehicles to the St Dunstan’s area – worsening pollution and congestion.

They are also concerned that the plans do not include lifts for use by disabled people or parents with pushchairs.

Westgate ward Lib Dem councillor Mike Dixey argues this undermines an agreement that the city and county councils signed which “will require developments and urban designs to meet the highest practical standards for access and inclusion.

Cllr Michael Dixey

“The aim will be to create an inclusive environment that can be easily used by as many people as possible without separation, special treatment or undue effort.”

Cllr Dixey told the Canterbury Journal: “A multi-storey car park without lifts does not conform to this policy.

“When the ground floor fills up, mums with pushchairs, the elderly, those with luggage and non-blue badge holders with limited mobility will have to use the stairs.

“The council refuses to accept that this will be a problem. In reply the leader of the council said that mums with push chairs could use the same ramps as the cars.

“Would you want your wife or your daughter to wheel a child in a push chair up
or down these ramps?”

The petition against the car park is being organised by the Canterbury Society.

Canterbury City Council says it has not yet received the petition and insists it cannot yet comment on whether it could provoke the proposed car park to be scrapped.

“We have written to the lead petitioner to advise her on what she needs to do in order for it to come to full council on 10 January,” said council spokesman Rob Davies.

The authority added that Station Road West will reopen this weekend and then close again on January 2 for another six weeks approximately.


  1. Pollution? In 5 years’ time cars will be electric. Disabled? I have a Blue Badge and have on occasion been unable to park at all in the existing, outmoded car park. The current overspill facility is terrible for the elderly and people with pushchairs, luggage or shopping. Let’s go forward and embrace the new. Let the railway station complement the fine High Speed service to London. Good for residents, good for visitors, good for Canterbury.

  2. Diana you are an optimist, there may be electric cars in five years time but the overwhelming majority of vehicles will still be petrol or diesel powered. Also the idea of building such a facility without provision for the elderly, disabled, young mothers with children, or persons carrying lots of luggage, by way of lifts seems absolutely appalling, and to think this structure without this facility is costing over 9 million pounds. Also I am amazed that that the leader of the Council can actually suggest that young mothers with children can use the vehicle ramps between storeys and the ground; what a stupid and demeaning statement from someone holding public office. I hope the City Council will be mindful of public opinion and think again.

  3. Even if they were all electric, it would still increase congestion and create slower journeys for everyone ( though they cannot be because there won’t be enough charges Diana). Whilst building the car park for friends to drive in to go on trips to London, CCC hasn’t bothered to even connect West Station with a park and ride.

  4. Diane, can you please explain how the MSCP assists visitor to Canterbury as you state again and again this year; especially if ,as CCC officially assumes in its business plan, it is full of the cars of those going to London . Are you a real person who wants the council to spend our money for you to get to London more easily and less sustainably or a propaganda robot.

  5. The car park is built solely for people like Simon* for those driving from outside Canterbury centre through the City ( and don’t take the bus or taxi or bicycle , or walk) for their convenience in going to London and is of no benefit for Canterbury in my view. Quite the contrary. It will increase pollution which is already above the legal limit in St Dunstans area and will increase congestion . CCC has done nothing to provide buses to the station and instead spends all it development/ thinking time for this area on the MSCP for selfish personal reason ( PS the propose hb is not a hub). There is no CCC policy adopted to help local people get to London, so these actions are ultra viries. * Simon says: 29th March 2018 at 10:16 pm We must have a proper car park there. I don’t know how many times I have missed my train because the current car park is always busy.

  6. The Council has a long established policy of encouraging those people who can to forget about the car and get on to the pavements,cycle paths(where they exist) and the buses.

    It is known as modal shift.

    So how best to implement such a laudable policy??

    Ah yes lets build a very large car park. and at the same time get rid of the idea of a modern integrated transport hub because we really don’t understand what that means.

  7. When Cllr Dixey says: “Would you want your wife or your daughter to wheel a child in a push chair up
    or down these ramps?”… what about husbands or sons? Why are they different?

  8. Terrible idea, a park & ride is what we need that side of town not more congestion from cars. And a bit of a faux pas there saying mothers and daughters. How about just parents and carers!

  9. There are so many variables to what is causing congestion. the level crossing is one as this halts all traffic when there is a great influx of vehicles to either collect people or people want to exit the station and surrounding area. Add traffic that is already trying to cross town and this halts everything. A park and ride, whilst it has its merits will not be fully used and we’ll end up with mostly empty busses driving around due to the frequency of trains and when people like to arrive for journeys. The only option that would make everyone happy about congestion is to move the station but then everyone who lives close to the station for convenience to commute is then put out.

  10. I cannot get anyone from CCC to consider the impact of Autonmous Vehicles (AV’s)upon the future demand for city centre parking.

    The numerous thorough reports about the issue that you can read on line, point out the following likely outcomes:

    1. There will be less cars but each of them will all be used more, on a call up and/or shared basis, rather than all being owned by individuals.. At present the average car is parked somewhere, rather than moving for 95% of its life, but AV’s will be more intenseively used.

    2. When they do park they will take up about half the space in a car park because people will not have to access the car in the car park.

    3. When they do park they can find a location away from the city centre autonomously, either free or a lot cheaper.

    There will be benefits and disbenefits in a world with AV’s but what we seemingly cannot ignore, is that they will appear,within the proposed life of THAT disasterous car park. This would seem to undermine the simple compound progression of projected revenues that CCC predicts for the MSCP. If CCC can find evidence based arguments to refute the research on the subject they should inform us of it.


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