UPDATED: Council begins legal action to remove travellers from beauty spot

Travellers had camped on the Beverley Meadow

Canterbury City Council says it will begin the legal process to remove travellers from a popular beauty spot.

A group of caravans and vans arrived at the Beverley Meadow in St Stephen’s on Friday and set up camp next to the old railway embankment.

This morning residents reported that another group had joined them, setting up closer to the Beaconsfield Road side of the field.

It almost doubled the number of vehicles occupying the field.

Over the weekend Canterbury City Council said it was aware of the travellers’ presence and had sent enforcement officers to speak to them on Friday.

The authority conducted welfare checks and asked them to move on.

But on Saturday the original group was still there and was then joined by more vehicles.

One of the caravans has been decorated with pink balloons. An number outdoor toilets and dog kennels have also been set up.

Today city council spokesman Rob Davies said: “Now the courts are open after the weekend, we will start the legal process to remove travellers from Beverley Meadow.

“Enforcement officers have been monitoring the situation​​ all weekend and have carried out the requisite welfare checks.”​

The last time travellers camped at the Beverley Meadow was June last year when they lit fires and left unwanted electrical goods on the field. It is unknown whether this is the same group.

Last month 15 vehicles arrived at the Kingsmead Field where they remained for several days.

After they left, volunteers who keep the field clean reported that rubbish bags, used toilet paper and a computer screen were left behind.


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