No frills, just an honest English breakfast

The set breakfast at The Sportsman's

One thing Canterbury is not short of is a place to get a decent English breakfast.

There’s the Sun Rise Cafe down Sturry Road, the Long Port Cafe in Longport, Saffron in Castle Street and Cafe Solo in Wincheap.

It was to Wincheap that I found inexplicably drawn this week as something came over me. “You must attend the Sportsman’s Cafe for a fry-up,” a voice told me.

With that I robotically got dressed and proceeded down there on foot. The Sportsman’s is about a quarter of the way down Wincheap on the left hand side as you’re heading out of Canterbury.

And it’s superb. Old-fashioned interoir, mismatched furniture, a community notice board on a wall are among its endearing features.

The Sportsman’s in Wincheap

Moreover, it’s a got a large selection of newspapers. These are vital if like me you’re both a solo eater and a news junkie.

Better still is the no-frills, no-nonsense menu. There are none of these silly descriptions you see in eateries which resort to hyperbole so they can charge a few quid more for standard grub.

As far as I can tell, a “farmhouse breakfast” is no different to any other breakfast.

I opted for the wonderfully understated set breakfast: buttered bread, sausage, two bacon, fried slice, beans and an egg.

That’s all I needed plus a can of Fanta and a copy of the Daily Mail.

If you have a bigger appetite you can always go for the special breakfast or there are options called light breakfasts and snacks on toast.

The food is spot on, filling and just what the doctor didn’t order – which is why we like it.

The Sportsman’s also has good TripAdvisor reviews which correctly describe it as unpretentious, good value for money and an “oasis of normality”.

Uh-oh, that voice is calling me again. “You must attend the Sportsman’s for a fry-up…”


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