New homes will intensify traffic chaos, fears society

The A28 at Wincheap

The Wincheap Society will focus its attention on the future of traffic in the area when it holds its annual general meeting this week.

More than a thousands homes are planned for Thanington while new builds have already started to appear at Hollow Lane behind Wincheap Primary School.

Wincheap councillor Nick Eden-Green will address the society’s meeting.

The Lib Dem said: “More homes will mean more traffic and more pollution and there are serious concerns about how the increased traffic is going to be handled.

“Residents have got concerns and I’ve got concerns.

Cllr Nick Eden-Green

“What we’re looking at with these developments and the roads needed to support them is a large jigsaw puzzle and there will be serious problems if the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle don’t fit together.”

Developers Pentland Homes and Quinn Estates between them are set to build 1,150 homes.

The Hollow Lane development will comprise 50 homes and if the redevelopment of the Wincheap Industrial Estate takes place, it could see another 800 homes.

Ahead of the meeting, the Wincheap Society said: “Cllr Nick Eden-Green will be talking about the plans for new roads and developments in Thanington, which spell traffic chaos for Wincheap itself.”

As Canterbury City Council continues to approve large scale housing developments, it hopes that people will begin to gradually shift to cleaner forms of moving around such as walking or cycling.

But it is also planning to build new roads to support the housing schemes.

Earlier this year, the authority granted planning permission for a fourth slip road off the coastbound A2 on to the A28.

It has also proposed an eastern bypass linking the A28 Sturry Road to the A2 at Bridge.

The annual general meeting of The Wincheap Society takes place at Jubilee Hall, Cow Lane, Canterbury, at 7.30pm on Friday, July 13. Non-members are welcome to attend.


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