New Canon joins Canterbury Cathedral

Emma Pennington is Canterbury Cathedral's new Canon Missioner

The Reverend Emma Pennington has been appointed Canterbury Cathedral’s new Canon Missioner.

Formally approved for the role by Her Majesty the Queen, Mrs Pennington will be installed by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in March.

She comes to Kent from the Diocese of Oxford where she has been vicar of Garsington, Cuddesdon and Horspath since 2008.

She has also been a prayer and spirituality adviser for the Oxford Diocese and an area dean.

Mrs Pennington said: “I am delighted and thrilled to be taking on this new role for the Cathedral which combines pastoral care of the staff and congregations with missional outreach to the local, national and international community along with sharing in the full liturgical life of the Mother Church to the Anglican Communion.

“It is an exciting opportunity for me which brings together all my past experience as a verger at St Paul’s Cathedral, chaplain of an Oxbridge College with expertise in spirituality and depth of ministerial experience gained in the benefice and deanery.

“I very much look forward to working closely with the Dean, Chapter, Council, staff, volunteers, friends and worshippers as we celebrate and grow God’s Cathedral Church of Canterbury together.”

Mrs Pennington is married to Jonathan Arnold, the Dean of Divinity at Magdalen College Oxford, and the couple have two children, Katie, 14, and Thomas, 12.

Canon Missioner is a residential canon role and takes on the tasks of the former Canon Pastor position and in addition the ministry of outreach and welcome resulting from the restoration and development project at the Cathedral known as The Canterbury Journey.


  1. Can somebody in the so called Cof E explain why we still have “DG” ,deo gratia on our coins.

    Whether you are a monarchist or not this “by grace of god” as a description of the Monarch is surely blasphemy?

    I have no problem with HM the Queen but why allege she is there for that reason?

    Render unto god that which is due to him and unto Caesar that which is due to him.

    Strangely that quote of Jesus is more reasonable than what we have 2000
    years later.

    Prince Charles rather more constructively said he wanted to be ” defender of faiths”.

    That sounds pretty good for a multi cultural society.

    Readers ought to
    look up which states in the world have an “established church”. They will see we are in rather poor extremist territory.

    So at Christmas please consider the rather difficult history of the C of E and pray it proceeds in a more equal direction.

    I hope Emma Pennington can
    help to guide it on a more inclusive course.

    Over to you Emma! Please help.


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