Need to get rid of a sofa? Just dump it in the road and pretend you’re giving it away

Dumped sofa in St Peter's Grove

Have you ever walked down a Canterbury street and passed a piece of furniture lying in the road, exposed to the elements and God knows what else?

Of course you have. You’ve probably seen innumerable soiled mattresses, sofas and chairs.

Now, have you looked at one these items and thought: “Do you know what? I’ll have that. It’ll look good in young Gavin’s room.” Probably not.

But what astonishing about some – not all – of these furniture dumpings is that the perpetrators actually pretend they’re doing the community a favour.

Take for example the sofa which has been sitting behind a tree in St Peter’s Grove where it meets Tower Way.

Note reads: “Please. It’s free.”

It’s been there for several days even though there’s a note appended tempting people to take it home with them.

“Please. It’s free,” the scribble helpfully informs.

“You off out, Trevor?”

“Yeah, just popping over to St Peter’s to collect a fly-tipped sofa for the front room.”

“Right you are.”

While this all might seem jolly silly, there is in fact a serious point to it.

Firstly, we should recognise this for what it is: a cynical attempt to pretend that something that is fly-tipping somehow isn’t.

Secondly, if you have a piece of furniture you no longer want and you think someone could use it, there’s an organisation right here in this district whose purpose is to facilitate that.

Based at the Canterbury Industrial Park in Island Road, Hersden, Necessary Furniture recycles pre-owned furniture.

It will collect items from you for nothing and then attempt to find them a new home. If, on the other hand, you need something for home, you can have a look in the showroom, choose what you want and pay a “small” fee which helps with the “cover repairs, tests, handling and logistics”.

Necessary Furniture does a great job. Please use them. For more information visit the website.


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