Mum passes driving test – only to be told next day she hadn’t

Kelsie Murphy was devastated to learn that she had failed after being awarded a pass

When Kelsie Murphy was told she had passed her driving test, she was ecstatic.

The 22-year-old did the test at the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) centre in Herne Bay last month.

And her success added to the happiness she was already feeling after becoming a mother for the second time.

But Kelsie was in for a shock. She received a phone call the very next day to inform her that she had in fact failed.

This was followed up with a letter from the DVSA which stated that its “in-house checks identified a serious fault had been assessed and recorded during your test but due to an administrative error, your examiner issued a pass.

The Herne Bay test centre

“With this in mind, I am sorry to confirm that you have not passed your driving test and that you should only be driving in accordance with the provisional licence regulations.”

The DVSA centre in Herne Bay has offered her a free test, but Kelsie has refused since she believes she has already passed.

Kelsie, who lives in Broadstairs, admits she is stressed out by the situation.

“My examiner said ‘congratulations you’ve got yourself an early birthday present- you’ve passed,’ she said.

“I was so happy, nearly crying, but holding myself back because I didn’t want to embarrass myself.”

She says that she was then told that she had committed a major error, which meant she could not be awarded a pass.

“I feel like the unluckiest person ever because they told me it hasn’t happened to anyone but me,” Kelsie added.

DVSA Operations Director Richard Hennessey said: “DVSA is unable to comment on any ongoing investigations, but we apologise for any inconvenience this error may have caused.”


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