Mum opens tin of baked beans – and what she finds inside is revolting


The best before date on the base of Emily Fisher’s can of baked beans suggests she had nearly two more years until they were due to go off.

The beans had turned into white gunk

But when the Canterbury mum opened the tin, instead of finding beans in a rich tomato sauce, she found a horror show.

They had congealed into a rancid white gunk.

Emily described the sight as looking something candy floss accompanied by the stench of vomit.

“Safe to say, I regret smelling it,” Emily said.

This despite the fact that the best before date on the base of the can was January 2020.

But Emily remains baffled as to how the can’s contents came to end up as they did.

She added: “The seal wasn’t broken, all the other cans were the same and are still fine inside.”


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