MP received “overwhelming support” in anti-semitism furore

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield speaking in the House of Commons (stock image)

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield received “overwhelming support” after hardliners attempted to censure her for taking a stand against anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

A motion to discipline her for “groundlessly” suggesting that sections of the party had a hatred for the Jewish people was withdrawn on Monday.

Since then she has been inundated with messages of support from fellow members of the Parliamentary Labour Party and grassroots supporters in Canterbury.

Cllr Alan Baldock, the leader of the Labour group on Canterbury City Council, said local party members had earnestly debated the issue.

“A small number felt that it was valid to censure Rosie Duffield for some of the things she may have said and done in the past,” Cllr Baldock said.

“The validity of that was strongly debated. Rosie Duffield received overwhelming support and the full motion will now not be debated.”

On Monday, the Canterbury Journal exclusively revealed that some 20 hardliners in Canterbury and Whitstable had put forward a motion to censure the constituency’s first ever Labour MP.

It said: “We have observed the words and conduct of our Labour MP, Rosie Duffield, and we are dissatisfied at her decision to involve herself with groups and organisations that are campaigning to damage our oarty, as well as impede its efforts to ensure the right to criticise crimes committed by the state of Israel.

“We are particularly concerned that Rosie chose to show her support for these parties at a demonstration organised to groundlessly accuse the Party of systematic anti-semitism.”

Ms Duffield herself has brushed aside the attempt to censure her.

In a tweet after the furore erupted, she said: “Overwhelmed by the support I’ve received today. Thank you so much to all who’ve been in touch or tweeted.

“Luckily, this tiny group of members do not represent my wonderful CLP as a whole and they weren’t able to ruin my last day spent with my eldest son before he leaves for uni.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that matters such as the motion to censure Ms Duffield are for the constituency party and that the leadership should not intervene in them.



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