More selfish parking outside city primary school

Parking like this outside Blean Primary School earned the driver a fine

A parent who parked on zigzag yellow lines outside Blean Primary School has been fined.

Enforcement officers from Canterbury City Council handed out the penalty as part of their on-going campaign to end selfish and thoughtless parking outside district schools.

Zigzag yellow lines found outside schools mean no stopping or parking.

Blean is regarded as one of the best primaries in the district with high rates of pupils going on to grammar schools such as the Boys and Girls Langton and Barton Court.

As such it attracts children from outside the traditional catchment area with parents choosing to drive them to school.

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding

Ben Fitter-Harding, the ward councillor for the area, says parking has been an ongoing issue around Blean.

“The lines are in place to ensure safety, but some people still think that they know better and that their convenience is worth more than the life of a child,” the Conservative said.

“Enforcement action is vital to help people realise the selfishness of their actions.

“More education is also needed to encourage people to change their habits.”

Problems are worst at going home time when parents park on the A290 Whitstable Road between Canterbury and Whitstable.

Driver David Armstrong regularly travels between Canterbury and Whitstable. He said: “It’s been a nightmare for ages near Blean School.

“For such a busy road to have all these cars parked along it is a real problem. You only need big vehicles like buses and lorries trying to get past each other to cause a blockage at going home time.

“There’s also a lot of double parking outside the actual gates of the school.”

School governors have said in the past they want to address parking issues.


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