Militant vegans take note: Cheese and meat help you live longer

A sumptuous cheese and meat platter

We’ve endured years of interminable slagging off by militant vegans. Yes, I know veganism is only the latest fad, but it feels like years.

I suppose like all fads it will pass and be replaced by something else, but not before it has damaged some young lives, as food fads do.

At the European Society of Cardiology Conference an international study of 220,000 adults was presented which showed that eating meat and cheese is actually good for you.

Nobody’s talking gorging yourself silly here, but regularly eating meat and cheese can actually positively prolong your life, cutting your risk of an early death by a quarter.

The study showed that those who consumed 20% to 25% of their calories from meat and cheese products had a death rate 25% lower than those who consumed less and 22% fewer heart attacks overall.

The senior author said: “Our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from current dietary advice.” 

Public Health England, therefore, will have to review its advice. Two years ago it amended its advice from 15% of calories to come from meat and dairy to only 8% to come from meat and dairy.

That is now way out of line with this latest study and you have to wonder if it reflects the thinking of veganism infiltrating public bodies. However, a study of 220,000 people is too big to ignore. It cannot just be a statistical quirk.

Nobody is suggesting that one’s diet should only be meat and cheese. But the advice is that in moderation meat and dairy products can contribute to a healthy balanced diet together with plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts, wholegrains and so on.

So next time you meet a militant vegan just think they’re probably going to die before you. You could do them a favour by sharing the research with them.

In fact, I’d suggest, it’s almost your public duty to do so!


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