Marlowe Theatre right not to cave into vegan demands

Water refills are available at the Marlowe Theatre

Bosses at the Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre found themselves being told to take animal products off the menu during performances of Peppa Pig.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) made the demand to acting theatre director Paula Gillespie ahead of the shows on February 13 and 14.

Its director Elisa Allen said: “Many of the children who will cheer for Peppa would be horrified to learn that sausages are made from pigs like her.

“Peppa shows others that she’s not a piece of bacon or a ham sandwich but rather an individual with emotions and the ability to feel joy. What better way to honour the live show’s message than by serving vegan meals?

Peppa Pig

“We respectfully urge you to honour the popular pig by taking animals off the menu during the run – or even better, for good.”

Happily, the theatre has refused to cave in to such ridiculous and intemperate hectoring.

Militant vegans regard any use of animal products as uniquely cruel, which explains the overblown language Peta employs.

And Ms Allen’s claim that children would be “horrified” to learn that pig meat goes into sausages is equally hysterical.

Many of us grew up watching Porky Pig cartoons and didn’t plunge into black despair upon learning the source of bacon, ham and pork.

Peta’s attempt to conflate the actuality of meat production with a fantasy based on the travails of a talking farmyard animal is absurd.

But worst of all, Peta’s efforts demonstrate how dogmatic some vegans have become, that they think nothing of ordering others around and imposing their will upon them.

Veganism is a personal lifestyle choice. So is eating meat. Human beings – like myriad other species on this world – still eat meat. Live with it.

Anyone for a sausage sandwich?