Major change proposed for well-used city street

Looking down St Margaret's Street from the Watling Street junction

The city council is proposing including St Margaret’s Street into Canterbury’s pedestrianised zone.

It has begun a public consultation on the plan which would see the road pedestrianised as far as Watling Street.

The project would also see the surfacing and lighting in St Margaret’s Street upgraded to that recently carried out in Orange Street, The Friars and Best Lane.

It would also include installing a bollard in Hawks Lane to prevent vehicles getting into St Margaret’s Street.

The £188,000 work is being fully funded by developers, including £75,000 from the developers of the new hotel to be built on the old Slatters site in St Margaret’s Street.

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding, the council’s property and regeneration chairman, said: “We’re very pleased to see the Slatters redevelopment project making progress.

“Improving the street outside the building and making the area easier for pedestrians to use are important parts of the overall scheme.

“The similar surfacing enhancements to other roads in the city centre have been well received and we hope this proposed work in St Margaret’s Street will go down just as well.

“Please give us your views in the consultation.”

Another proposal in the city centre pedestrianised area is preventing vehicles getting to St Peter’s Lane from St Peter’s Street. It also involves bollards and is also being consulted on at the moment.

More information and a survey on both of these proposals are available at Paper copies can be requested by calling 01227 862059. Comments must be submitted by Monday, February 18.


  1. Unqualified good news!

    Let’s hope it is not too long before further restrictions on vehicle access to The Parade and the High St are implemented and these areas become more pleasant for pedestrians

  2. yes its a good idea go for it and while your at it do more to stop traffic up and down the high street and st georges st if poss


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