Love your music, Sir Paul, but you’re talking rubbish on climate change

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney

Now, I’m a die hard Beatles fan from way back, bought all the singles, bought all the albums up to and including the double White Album and bought Beatles Monthly every month.

Having to sell them to put food on the table was heart-breaking but at least I kept the records.

Today, sadly Sir Paul strayed away from music into an area where I suspect his knowledge is much more limited than is his knowledge of music: climate change – or global warming as they used to call it up until the earth stopped warming up in 1998.

Today on the BBC, (where else), Sir Paul directly likened climate change “deniers” to Holocaust “deniers”. 

This is on the basis that we’ve all seen the footage of the liberation of the concentration camps. Equally, we’ve all seen Al Gore’s now discredited global warming documentary, the one with the polar bear stranded on an ice flow about 6ft from the shore, so we all know it’s true. And presented by a former US vice-president looking for a role in the world, stands to reason it must be true.

It was interesting that when global warming stopped in 1998 the anti-capitalist, green lobby behind the warming scare quickly rebranded it “climate change”.

I’m surprised no one thought of it before. Of course there is climate change, there always has been.

The advantage of peddling climate change is: a) that climate change is undeniable; b) every natural disaster of any magnitude can be blamed on it.

And because no one can deny climate change is happening, it is easy for the anti-capitalist front to jump on it as a sort of passing, green bandwagon from which western society can be attacked.

You never see green campaigners demonstrating against new coal fired power stations in China or India. No, it’s much easier to antagonise a few hard working blokes harmlessly fracking for shale gas in order to keep our lights on when the wind isn’t blowing.

The reality is that the whole climate change thing has become commandeered by those with their own agenda.

Politicians have climbed on board without looking at the other passengers or too deeply into the science and quasi-science involved while big business has spotted an opportunity and moved in to exploit the gullible. Twas ever thus!

In the meantime the earth rolls on doing its own thing. The climate may or may not be changing and if it is, mankind may or may not be having an influence. Of course being man and being hubristic we even want to take credit for the natural disasters that occur.

What we ought to recognise is that over the centuries the earth has warmed and cooled and it is probably going through another phase now.

If it is natural, as I believe, then all the windmills in the world won’t make a jot of difference.

What we should be doing is embracing the approach of one academic which is to say: “Ok, if the world is warming up, let’s prepare for a warmer world, less deaths from cold, more from heat, a changing pattern of agriculture, some areas becoming more arid and others more cultivatable and crucially the risk of flooding of low lying areas driving immense migrations of people.”

Instead we say: “Somehow we must stop the earth warming.”

So, back to Macca and his views: climate change “deniers” are not the same as Holocaust “deniers”.

To say so undermines the enormity of the Holocaust and the suffering it caused while at the same time offending those with reservations about what is being said or done about climate change.

The whole thing is much more complex that can be dealt with just by labelling thoughtful opponents “deniers”.


  1. Oh! And there was me thinking that Global Warming, Climate Change, Nazism (nearly an anagram of Zionism) ISIL/ISIS/Daesh, Trumpery and the Holocaust was all down to yer man Farage, UKIP and Brexit. Silly me!
    It must be the way these things are reported by, as is pointed out, by some very vocal campaigners, who hide their real agendas behind what appears to be a respectable facade.

    I can’t think who these people are, let alone identify them but having been caught up in a couple of perfectly reasonable demos in London (think pro-NHS, anti war etc) and seen the balaclava-wearing, rent-a-mob fringe element trying to gee up people to get a riot going, I was awfully pleased to get the hell out of there. Believe me, riots and mob violence are very ugly things indeed.

    These anti-establishment “warriors” have little in common with the vast majority of genuine marchers and campaigners who take part in mainstream demos. Their mean-minded actions devalue the point of the march, just to get their twisted views across, at the expense of other folk.
    They are very good at such disruptive things and so very rarely get identified, let alone caught. CCTV is, of course, of no value, when the brave anti-everything “citizen soldiers” mask their faces and/or wear balaclavas. Genuine campaigners don’t need to do this and gladly march with open-faced pride. You may not agree with the marchers’ point of view but I for one will go to my grave to defend the right of Brits to take part in such demos. This is a hard won right and 99% of those taking part want nothing more than to make their point strongly but peacefully.

    As for those anti-everything heroes, hiding behind other people’s campaigns, who cause trouble, encourage violence and boldly skulk away when the disruption they’ve initiated kicks off? Well, here’s a thought…
    Based on the fact that we have to remove crash helmets in banks and many people (not me actually) think that veils, niqabs and burqas should be banned, in order that we may see people’s faces, then perhaps it’s about time we made all attending demos, marches etc remove masks and balaclavas. Perhaps such a requirement should be written into law? For the 99% such a law will not affect them, as they have no need to be ashamed of their faces being on view. Why would they?

    For the 1% though… Well, if the bash everything, minority fringe element want to make their point, that’s fine. All I ask is that they do so openly. As openly as those mainstream protesters, whose reasonable and peaceful activities they wish to hijack, subvert and turn into violent confrontation.

  2. Bob Britnell flies in the face of the evidence. There’s a more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet. Industrial activity has raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years. That’s not to mention the even more damaging effects of methane and nitrous oxide. But that’s not me saying that – it’s in Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts from countries all over the world under the auspices of the United Nations.
    But of of course to dear old Bob,that’s a load of rubbish. He thinks climate change is not man-made because – well because he says so, He thinks experts are not as expert as him. He probably has the same opinion about the experts almost unanimous view that Brexit will be an unmitigated disaster for 95 per cent of Britons. Free speech and the freedom to hold different opinions is great. But publishing this rubbish is a dereliction of journalistic duty.

  3. As ever a responder fails to properly read the article; I do not deny climate change is occurring I do not deny that man may be playing a part, what I am saying is that it may only be a part. As to the IPCC its conclusions are not written and signed off by 1,300 scientists, many of whom are not climatologists in any case, the conclusions are written and published by the politicians and activists in charge. And they haven’t exactly got a 100% record for accuracy.

    A little scepticism is always in order. We can be fairly certain that any scientist who now has reservations about “global warming” is keeping his head down for fear of public or peer group obloquy if he speaks out and fails to toe the line, oh and of course he’ll never get another research grant. It’s become a closed shop subject to groupthink, it happens, its natural, go with the herd or get trampled to death.

    Nothing that has happened in our climate in the last fifty years has not happened before, the weather gets no hotter and no colder than it has ever done before in history and no weather ever yet experienced across the globe has been totally new and not experienced before; that much is undeniable.

    The bottom line is that we are putting all our eggs in one basket believing we can stop “climate change”, If we’re wrong it will be too late for many as their homes go under water, it’ll be no good us wringing our hands and saying “oh dear it wasn’t us after all it turned out to be sun spot activity that was doing it”, or whatever other natural cause turns out to be involved.

    So Mick, before you comment again, read what is written and comment on it, read it a second time if you’re not sure, but comment on what is written, not on what happens to be your particular bête noir at the time.


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