Littering teens trash city nature spot

Rubbish strewn on the ground at the Tannery Field

Dozens of teenagers who held a party at a Canterbury nature spot have left rubbish strewn all over the ground.

Youths – wearing tuxedos, suits and dresses – had gathered at Tannery Field on Friday afternoon to drink alcohol and eat food.

After they left the field, which is next to Toddler’s Cove and bordered by the Rheims Way and River Stour, it was covered in empty food and drink containers.

The Tannery Field is part of the Westgate Parks network of open spaces by the Stour.

It is famous for the metal bull which stands close to the Rheims Way entrance.

The seating area in the Greyfriars Garden

Dog walker Andy Allen, 48, takes his terrier Daisy to the Westgate area on a daily basis.

He said: “I saw all these well dressed kids there on the Friday afternoon and naturally wondered what they were doing.

“But I really didn’t that much of it except they must have been having some sort of party.

“Then I came back on Saturday morning and could see from a distance that they had left rubbish all over the place.

“I took Daisy up to it and could see it was all empty cans of cider and plastic cups and food wrappers. It’s a disgrace, quite frankly.”

Toddler’s Cove and the Tannery Field are among those open spaces cleaned by community volunteers.

Elsewhere in the city, vandals have defaced the bench and seating area at the Greyfriars Garden between Stour Street and St Peter’s Grove.

A tag and spray paint now coat the bench in the centre of the gardens. Tags have also been scrawled on the seats.

The litter and vandalism happened as Canterbury City Council makes strenuous efforts to encourage people to keep the district clean. It is running its “Love Where We Live” campaign.


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