Lecturers at city unis could be forced to attend classes on their “white privilege”

Courses on white privilege come as there is a high drop-out rate among ethnic minority students

Academics from Canterbury’s universities could be forced to go back to the classroom to be tutored about their white privilege.

Courses held at higher education institutions are designed to show educators that the colour of their skin can make them unknowingly racist.

They come against a backdrop of high drop-out rates among students from ethnic minority backgrounds.

But the University of Kent sociologist Frank Furedi has denounced the courses as effectively labelling all white people as racist.

He said: “Whiteness is the equivalent of original sin, and white racism inescapable.”

Sociologist Frank Furedi condemns the courses

Other teachers have complained that such courses are evidence of reverse racism and “white shaming”. Students at some universities have even put up posters reading “It’s ok to be white”.

Higher education institutions around the UK have already sent their staff on white privilege courses.

At Anglia Ruskin University which has campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough staff went on a course called The Truth We Don’t Tell Ourselves.

It told academics to “start by facing our privilege in an honest manner and understanding exactly how we benefit from a racist system” and that its aim is “to expose the truth about the privileges we unknowingly carry with us in everyday life”.

Meanwhile, Bristol University’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Staff Advisory Group held a workshop called Walking on the White Side of the Street.

It said: “We discuss why white people accrue advantages and benefits simply due to the colour of their skin and how whiteness as a discriminatory force is as prevalent today as it was 400 years ago.”

Christ Church and Kent have been approached for a comment.

Last week Christ Church was at the centre of a storm after activist students complained that the three acts used to promote its summer ball were all white men.


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