Labour has “all the ideas on Brexit”, says candidate picked for next general election

Charlotte Cornell wants to follow in her boss's footsteps and become an MP

The chief of staff to Canterbury and Whitstable Labour MP Rosie Duffield has been picked to fight the next general election in Dover and Deal.

Charlotte Cornell, 35, says she is delighted with being chosen as the party’s candidate and will be campaigning on a range of issues – including Brexit.

The seat is currently held by Charlie Elphicke, first elected as a Conservative in 2010, but suspended in November following allegations made against him.

Charlotte, a mother-of-two, said: “I’m thrilled to have been selected as the Labour parliamentary candidate for Dover and Deal and to take on Charlie Elphicke, or indeed whoever the Conservative candidate is at the next general election.

“I’m proud to stand with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, calling for a kinder sort of politics that cares more about people than  profit.

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield

“Together with community groups, charities, churches, Labour councillors and local people, I’m calling for more action on homelessness, poverty and poor housing conditions.

“I’m excited to be leading Labour’s local campaign in Dover and Deal to protect our beaches, wildlife and stunning Kent countryside.”

Charlotte is a primary school governor at Davington School in Faversham.

She started working for Rosie Duffield after the shock election result in June, which ended Sir Julian Brazier’s 30-year hold on the seat. Before that, Charlotte worked as a writer and teacher.

“I’m also going to be fighting hard against a bungling Brexit deal that turns Kent’s roads into a car park and causes chaos at customs,” she added.

“We can work for a positive Brexit strategy. At the moment it is Labour that has all the ideas in this area.

“Dover, Deal and the villages deserve better. I’m excited by this challenge and hope to return Dover as a Labour seat at the next election.”


  1. Pity they’re all the wrong ideas! Land tax, increase of taxation, increased welfare payments, unrestricted immigration, compulsory use of unoccupied premises to house illegal immigrants .
    Yes, I don’t vote Labour!


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