Italian rockers come to Canterbury to pursue their musical dream

Dramalove will perform at Canterbury's Penny Theatre in April

Italian rock group Dramalove arrived in the UK some two years ago to pursue their musical dream.

They made Canterbury their home and began to make themselves seen and heard on the Kent music scene, playing at venues around the county.

In April, they will headline a night of music at the Penny Theatre in Northgate.

The group of consist of twins Diego and Riccardo Soncin, 32, and Dimitri Merati, 26.

Diego is the lead singer and guitarist, Riccardo plays bass and Dimitri is Dramalove’s brother.

“Rock music isn’t as big in Italy as it is here so we decided to relocate to the UK,” said Diego, who is from Turin.

“This country really is the homeland of rock and while there’s lots of great things about Italy, there’s just no space for rock music there.

“I met a guy on holiday in Italy who was from Dover and we became friends. He suggested I come over and I did so that was that.”

Diego is fluent in English and the group sing in English. Covering Nirvana, Placebo, Muse and punk rock songs while steadily building a catalog of original material, they quickly gained fame around Italy for their look, their sound and their frantic live shows.

Dramalove reached number seven in the Italian charts with their single Stelle and in 2015 reached the semi-finals of the Italian version of X Factor. They have also toured Europe.

In December, their song Play With You was broadcast on the BBC’s Radio6 and performed a live session for Radio Kent.

Diego added: “Things are really happening for us. I feel like England is the kind of place where if you put in the effort and the commitment, it will pay off for you.

“We’re really happy to be here.”

Dramalove will perform at the Penny Theatre on Friday, April 27. Doors open at 7pm while the music starts at 8pm.


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