It doesn’t matter what their political view, thugs are just thugs


Picking up where I left off last week, I couldn’t help but notice that a BBC news report yesterday referred to the M6 being brought to a halt whilst 27 “suspected migrants” were removed from the back of a lorry.

How very BBC. What they of course meant was that 27 illegal immigrants were removed from the back of a lorry.

And did you notice that whilst the age of the lorry driver was given there was no mention of his nationality?

Given that in the past illegal immigrants have often been found in foreign lorries the immediate suspicion has to be that he was not British. But maybe he was? If he was revealed to be British it would at least stop people wrongly blaming foreigners.

However, knowing the BBC and its anti-British bias you rather suspect that he was not British. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be told though, at least that would put an end to ill-informed speculation.

But what the BBC loves above all is “right-wing fanatics” they are grist to its news mill, so when Anna Soubry MP is harangued and jostled by protesters they are deemed “right wing”. n

Now, I’m pretty right wing politically. I was an ardent Thatcherite, but I and my friends never set out to jostle and intimidate anyone.

That kind of action has nothing to do with being right wing, left wing or centre forward it is just a term used pejoratively by the BBC to slag off anyone with whom it disagrees.

When I see a rowdy demonstration of left wingers, communists, Marxists, trade unionists or whatever, why are they never branded “left wing fanatics” by the BBC?

Nope only “right-wingers” can behave in a rowdy and ill-disciplined manner. Left-wingers are all charm itself – unless, that is, you happen to be on the receiving end of their abuse, which will not get reported by the BBC, so as far as the public know it probably never happened!

Stepping sideways, why is it anti-hunt demonstrators are never vilified for their appalling behaviour to the point where our local hunt had to move their meet out of Elham Square in order to ensure public safety because of the appalling offensive and abusive behaviour of the anti-hunt movement.

These people are every bit as violent as those who jostled the Remainer MP Anna Soubry outside Parliament, but do they get condemned by the BBC? Of course not they are “left wing thugs” not “right wing thugs” and are therefore immune to criticism.

At the end of the day thugs are thugs and we, and the BBC, should not seek to pigeon hole them as left wing or right wing. Thuggery is thuggery and should be punished whenever and wherever it happens. People should be allowed to go about their lawful business without being jostled, pushed, spat at, howled at, intimidated or obstructed.

I regularly drive to Thanet where, from time to time, I see protesters on the pavement carrying placards calling for a ban on live animal exports, they make their point in a disciplined and orderly way with the police standing by. Why can’t others do the same?


  1. “Now, I’m pretty right wing politically”. Wow, Bob, whoever would have guessed??? Perhaps your ridiculous remark about “knowing the BBC and its anti-British bias” was a deliberate clue.
    But I agree “Thuggery is thuggery and should be punished whenever and wherever it happens. ”
    So I am more than a little puzzled when you are so exercised by the “appalling behaviour” of “anti-hunt demonstrators” when it is they, and not the hunters, who bear the scars from their encounters.

  2. Yep Chazza, politically right-wing and proud of it, nothing to be ashamed of in being either right or left wing politically and I have friends who are both, but we respect each other and each others opinions and that is what I perceive is missing today, a bit of respect.

    There’s nothing wrong with demonstrating, I’ve been on some myself but that doesn’t have to involve shoving , jostling, spitting or name calling or interfering with people going about their legitimate business, and I would include in that a Hunt meet where people are sitting on their horses having a drink before going out legitimately hunting.

    As to anti-hunt demonstrators scars, is that why they cover their faces and wear masks …… I thought it was to avoid being identified once they has acted unlawfully?


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