Is this the most ticketed vehicle in Canterbury?

The VW Amarok parked in Tannery Way South with its usual parking ticket

People living in Canterbury’s Old Tannery Development have become accustomed to seeing a large black truck with a parking ticket on its windscreen.

Parked in Tannery Way South, the VW Amarok appears to be the recipient of a fixed penalty notice almost every day, says one resident.

Traffic wardens frequently visit the Tannery, which has full parking restrictions on all its narrow streets.

And they often end up putting a parking ticket on the Amarok.

Canterbury City Council confirmed that the vehicle is a multiple offender.

Aaron Turner, 30, who lives at the Tannery, said: “Obviously the guy who owns the truck doesn’t give a hoot about parking it half on the road and half on the pavement

“He obviously doesn’t care about the fines either. I hate getting them as I just see it as an unnecessary loss of money.

“But this bloke seems to get a ticket every other day if not every day.”

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “We understand why people in the Tannery development are concerned by this, but unfortunately the only power we have is to issue penalty charge notices.

“These have to be at least 24 hours apart, and we have given this motorist multiple fines. We do not have powers to remove a vehicle.”

The council says the Amarok’s parking tickets are being paid. It could not confirm today how many had been given to the vehicle.


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