Hundreds of Canterbury residents join anti-Brexit march


Campaigners from Canterbury joined protesters from across the country at the million-strong People’s Vote march at the weekend.

Trains leaving both the West and East stations were packed on Saturday, despite Southeastern doubling the usual number of carriages.

Protestors met at Green Park before marching to Parliament Square to hear speeches from Vince Cable, Dominic Grieve, Sadiq Khan and others.

Deborah Davis, a retired teacher from Boughton said: “I came on the last anti-Brexit march in October, but this is something else.

“Despite the anger towards what Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Jacob Rees-Mogg are doing to this country, there is still a great deal of positivity.

“We’re a great nation and we’re not too proud to admit we made a mistake. It’s not too late to change course so that’s why we’re marching.”

Within the east Kent contingent, flags were flying for both Canterbury for Europe and the Canterbury Lib Dems, although many supporters of other parties were present.

A counter-march of Brexit supporters entered Trafalgar Square at around 4pm, but were small in number and heavily surrounded by police.

Due to the numbers of people, several Tube stations were closed, leaving weary-footed marchers looking for alternative ways to get home.

A petition demanding the government revoke Article 50 has gathered over 5.3 million signatures. A breakdown of where the votes are coming from shows Canterbury to be the most heavily remain-backing area of Kent.


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