Have you ever dreamed of joining the Cathedral Choir?

Canterbury Cathedral Choir

Canterbury Cathedral is holding its annual voice tests for prospective choir members in November. Boys of seven or eight and girls of thirteen will compete for a hotly-contested place in one of the two choirs.

The boys’ choir has sung the daily services for hundreds of years and substantial scholarships are available for the successful applicants.

The girls’ choir was established in 2014 and has already released a number of professional recordings.

Candidates are required to sing two pieces and undertake a sight-reading test as well as some basic music theory tasks.

Former chorister Sam Gardner

Former chorister Sam Gardner said: “singing in Canterbury Cathedral Choir was one of the best things I ever did.

“Whether or not you go on to study music, being a part of a world-class choir is an amazing experience and sets you up with musical skills that will last the rest of your life.

“Even if you’ve not done much singing before, it’s still worth having a go. The Master of the Choristers is an expert in recognising raw talent and the choir school knows how to train you to sing your best.”

Auditions take place on 10 November for the boys’ choir and 24 November for the girls. The closing date for applications is Friday 19 October.

For full details see the Cathedral website.


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