Going viral, getting trolled and veganism

100% vegan

Two weeks ago a post that I put on my blog went viral. Generally, that’s considered a good thing in digital publishing, but sadly that wasn’t the case on this occasion.

What started as a simple throwaway video of a misheard song lyric got weird really quickly. 

Somebody cloned my post and shared it on Twitter where it gained some serious attention, racking up over half a million views after being tweeted by Radio One DJ Gregg James, and later being used as part of a Radio One segment introduction.

The offending post

Seeing as this was my video, I decided to call out the guy that cloned it, who was, after some discussion, gracious enough to credit me in a sub thread. However, someone following the feed found out that I was vegan. That’s when things got out of hand. 

I was told repeatedly to “shut up vegan” I was called disgusting, I was told I was gross, I got sent meme after meme of bacon-frying (a standard defence against veganism) and most disturbingly I got sent videos of animal slaughter.

Having run a vegan blog for two years, this is nothing new, but it does raise the question “why do people consider it to be ok to berate vegans the way they often do?”. With veganism reaching the mainstream will we see things get worse before they get better?  

As society begins to kick back against animal cruelty and climate change will there be a shift in behaviours towards vegans online?  One thing is for sure, this week has proven that there’s a long way to go.


  1. It’s interesting to hear from a vegan who is being abused, normally it seems to be meat eaters, butchers, huntsmen and so on that get abused; I suppose it just goes to prove that there are nasty trolls everywhere, hiding on the internet ……. when it was invented the internet was seen as wonderful invention, connecting people, sadly not just with the people they wanted to be connected with.

    Unfortunately we live in a country which for the last thirty years has pursued the lowest common denominator and where opposite views are not to be heard and argued with but shouted down, pace recent events reported from universities.


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