Gigantic pile of “disgusting” rubbish appears on Canterbury street

The pile of rubbish next to student accommodation

A gigantic pile of rubbish has appeared next to student accommodation in the Oaten Hill area of Canterbury.

The pile of bags sits in Oaten Hill Place opposite the Oaten Hill Garage run by mechanic Freddie Parsons.

He said: “It’s digusting. It’s been building up for three days.”

The student accommodation is owned by Canterbury Christ Church University.

“We want to get on to Christ Church about this,” Mr Parsons, 66, added. “Serco and Canterbury City Council don’t seem to want to know.

“This is a nice area and we don’t want it looking bad – especially as the tourist season has started.”

Last year Mr Parson’s garage won an award for its hanging baskets from Canterbury in Bloom.

There have been concerns about mess in other student areas – including Regency Place off Military Road and St Martin’s Terrace off North Holmes Road.

Cleaner Canterbury campaigner and former university academic Prof Rick Norman has called for students to be taught how to use bins as part of their curriculum.

Prof Norman, who is a contributor to the Canterbury Journal and the Canterbury Grot-Spots page, said: “Why are some people apparently so unconcerned about making the place look a tip?

“Why do they do it? That question is regularly asked, often with incredulity, in the Facebook group Canterbury Grot-spots.

“Surely, we need to change attitudes at a deeper level, educating people to appreciate and care for their environment, and starting with the education of the young.

“The more we can encourage people to be more aware of their environment and of what they are doing to it, the better.”

Canterbury City Council has recently launched its “Love Where We Live” campaign which encourages people to look after the areas around their homes and avoid leaving mess.


  1. This is simple…students leaving have to clear the accomadation. If they are not returning…it,s dump it anywhere…fine the landlord/agent…they i turn can bill the students…their addresses are on record.


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