Germans invade city centre boozer

German football fans cheer on their team in the Seven Stars

An army of German football fans invaded Canterbury’s Seven Stars pub as they watched their country battle it out with Mexico in the FIFA World Cup.

The teenagers occupied territory in the southern section of the Orange Street boozer close to the border with the Chocolate Cafe in neighbouring Guildhall Street.

They issued noisy war cries over the 90 minutes of football – especially as their beloved Deutschland mounted wave after wave of attacks on the Central Americans’ defences.

Alas, their team could not penetrate the Mexican defence and Germany ended up losing 1-0 in the tournament’s first real shock result.

It’s fair to say that no one else in the Stars yesterday afternoon had been cheering the Germans on…


  1. So, Mexico 1 – Germany 0
    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
    I think this can be put down to Montezuma’s revenge for the Zimmermann Note!
    If only we Brits had a word for schadenfreude!

    Still, the smile may be on the face of the tiger this evening, as England’s overpaid
    snowflakes take on the full might of that footballing giant, Tunisia.


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