Furniture dumping around the city is out of control

The scene at Back Lane in the Old Tannery today

Apparently, all one needs to do with unwanted furniture is dump it in the street.

Yep, that’s right: just carry your soiled mattress, knackered cabinets and kicked in tv sets to a place you think acceptable without anyone being able to link it to your home and leave them there.

And hey presto – problem solved.

Well, not problem solved, actually. Problem passed on to other people, in fact.

Take a look at the picture above. That was taken in Back Lane in Canterbury’s Old Tannery Development close to where I live this morning.

Dumped sofa in St Peter’s Grove

It features a load of household items that are no longer wanted. For good measure, someone has also left a bag spewing its putrid contents on to the road.

So, it will be a sight I’ll probably be passing that for the next two weeks, maybe even longer. An unwanted fridge abandoned in one of the Tannery courtyards recently sat there for three weeks.

Now, the furniture owner’s problem of how to dispose of his stuff is now his neighbour’s problem as they are forced to endure seeing it.

Serco, Canterbury City Council’s contractor, will soon enough have to come along and take it away in one of their flat bed trucks.

Now, it’s the whole district’s problem, left for the council to sort out and paid by everyone else.

These furniture dumpings are happening more and more. There’s barely a day when I don’t go past some item somewhere.

The council is currently running its Love Where We Live campaign. Why are a certain group of people incapable of doing that?


  1. One reason is what is being charged for Serco to come and collect. Even with concessions for those on benefits it is a tenner per item. A dining set is being charged per chair plus table. On another subject yet still regarding overcharging, apparently it costs £15 to post a roll of Serco purple bags out, compared to around £3 for picking them up from their Wincheap premises.


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